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Colibri C5 - Fresh Bean / Granulated Milk


Lease 36 Months

New from $37.52 + gst per week

Rental 12 Months - No Minimum Spend

New from $54.23 + gst per week

Free On Loan 36 Months - Minimum Spend**

from $270.00+ gst per month

Is a fully automatic vending machine for small to medium sized applications. Suitable for mounting on a bench top or on its custom equipped stand. The Colibri C5 is a drop-cup, bean to cup, freeze dried milk machine that can hold 150 cups and 170 stirrers internally yet only occupies a small footprint making it perfect for even the tightest office or workplace locations. The Colibri C5 is effectively the same as a C4 but has an extra canister which can be used for specialty drinks such as Vanilla Latte or Soup

Offers: Short Black, Long Black, Flat White, Cappuccino, Mochcaccino, Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Latte or Soup,Hot Water, Sugar Doser.

  • Easy loading and cleaning
  • No cup selection allows the use of any sized cup
  • Compatible with all major coin validators and cashless systems
  • Available in fresh bean to cup or instant models
  • Dimensions 410w x 490d x 750h
  • Base and coin mechanism optional
  • ** Free on Loan conditions apply
  • Download Brochure


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