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Jura Servicing and Repairs

Jura Repairs:  - Workshop Only

Jura Care Plus - 12 month repair warranty on all parts
  Domestic (excl Giga)
Repair ( includes 'service' + minor parts) $295.00 + gst
Repair ( includes 'service' + major components) $395.00 + gst
Repair for machines over 6 years / 5000 cup counts $495.00 +gst

Jura Service Basic - 12 month repair warranty only on parts replaced
  Domestic (excl Giga) Office (1 grinder) Office (2 grinder)
Repair (includes 'service' + minor parts) $215.00 + gst $295.00 + gst $435.00 + gst
Repair (includes 'service' + major components) $325.00 + gst $395.00 + gst $545.00 + gst
Repair for machines over 6 years / 5000 cup $435.00 + gst Parts and Labour Parts and Labour

A Jura 'service' includes labour required to service your coffee machine including smaller wear & tear parts such as Orings and hoses and tasks as follows;
Standard Jura Service Inclusions
Perform incoming diagnostic Check milk system (hygiene)
Check coffee quality and settings Replace O-rings in hot water and steam section, descale fluid system
Open machine and check for leak tightness & cleanliness Check software version ( if necessary update)
Check wear parts Check water quality ( check water filter)
Check flowmeter Check machine on function
Check inner dist. collar, if necessary replace Check all products
Check brewing unit Perform outgoing diagnostic
Check motor incl gear End cleaning
Check coffee spout ( hygiene)  

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