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Coffee May Ease Your Neck Pain sippingcoffee

If your job is a literal pain in the neck, drinking coffee may help, a new study from Norway says.

People who drank coffee before sitting down to work at a computer for 90 minutes reported less pain in their necks and shoulders than those who didn't drink coffee, according to the study. Some in the study had previously suffered chronic neck and shoulder pain, while other participants hadn't — but people in both groups who drank coffee reported less pain, the researchers said.

Among people whose daily work involves low levels of muscle activity, such as sitting at a computer all day, about 10 percent report shoulder and neck pain, according to the study.

The researchers looked at 48 people, including 22 with chronic neck or shoulder pain, and 26 healthy people. The experiment was part of research on how pain develops during office work; it was not intended to look at the effects of caffeine, the researchers said.

People in the study reported to the laboratory first thing in the morning, so to offset any effects of sleepiness, coffee and tea were available. Nineteen of the study participants chose to drink either coffee or tea, but were instructed not to drink more than one cup.

Then, for 90 minutes, participants performed a computer task, using only a mouse.

Researchers found that people who drank coffee — whether they had previous chronic pain or not — developed less pain over the course of the 90 minutes, compared with those who didn't drink coffee. And at the end of the computer task, the coffee drinkers rated their pain as less intense than the other study participants.

Good Coffee  nl-tipps-qualitaetskaffee-330x300

Arabica beans contain much less caffeine and fewer chlorogenic acids than Robusta beans. Instead they contain more oils, which gives them a more intense yet much milder flavour. Most premium coffees are made from Arabica beans, but not every Arabica coffee is a premium coffee.

After the beans are hulled, they go through a final classification process. Once any remaining residue has been removed, the beans are sorted according to size, density and colour. This process results in a range of different qualities on the market. Both Arabica and Robusta varieties may be available in different qualities.

To add to the confusion, the names used for different quality grades vary from country to country.


10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Coffee Machines

1. Regulates the use of coffee in the workplace, measured per dose drink

2. Reduces or eliminates the need for fresh milkitem

3. Reduction in tea and coffee supply costs

4. Saves employee down time, less coffee runs or meetings down the road

5. Impresses clients.  You can produce a cafe style drink to serve your clients

6. Quick and easy to use, 30 to 50 seconds to finish your drink depending upon selection

7. Shows staff they are valued, a big morale boost for a small cost

8. Saves staff money, they save $3.50 - $4.50 per cup not bought at a cafe

9. No mess, just push a button, no grinds or mess on the bench

10. Choice of fresh bean or instant coffee all producing cafe style drinks at the push of a button

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